Our first cheese, Carraignamuc, is made with Raw Milk, natural rennet, sea salt and nothing else. We do not use a freeze-dried culture - we made our own starter culture. The cheese is aged for 3-5 months, developing a natural rind. It is fresh, lactic, smooth, earthy and has a good strong tang.


Early in the development of our Carraignamuc cheese, we bought some much smaller moulds to use up the curds left from the larger moulds.

These were then washed every other day in a salt spring water brine. This gives a completely different ripening process to the natural rind Carraignamuc. This washing encourages yeasts and other bacteria to soften and ripen the cheese, and develop a serious stink.

By this process we slightly inadvertently created a cheese remarkably similar to the smelly French Munster. Once we researched this, we found the recipe for French Munster was believed to have been brought to France by Irish Monks (hence the name). By naming our own cheese Rí na Mumhan – King of Munster – we are repatriating this heritage cheese.

We send out cheese on a Monday, meaning you should receive your cheese by the weekend.  If you'd like your cheese sent out on a different day, get in contact and we will see what we can do.