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About Us

Mike and Darcie run their extremely small farm outside Inchigeelagh with their son Ned and baby Rosa.  What started with Mike handmilking one cow as part of a self-sufficiency drive led to a love of cheesemaking and a larger scale sustainable project. 

In 2023 we are milking three cows: Tilda, Kate and Rosie. Completing the herd: Frida, Bo, Snuffles, Stumpy.  They are a mixed herd of Irish Shorthorns and Droimeanns, both native heritage breeds.  They are low yielding and hardy, great for our rocky land.


Our farm is spray free and we don't use chemical fertilisers.  The land is managed in line with organic practices (hence an overgrown, weedy vegetable garden).


The calves are bucket fed and reared alongside the cows.  Animals not suitable for milking are reared extensively on rough hill grazing and butchered for beef at 24-36 months. From time to time some surplus meat is available to buy.  

On our farm we also keep goats, pet lambs, pigs, cats, dogs, some useless scrawny hens, ducks, geese and bees.  Our heritage breed pigs are reared on the waste whey from the cheesemaking.  

We also are available for catering events using exclusively our own produce.  

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Mike Parle Darcie Mayland
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