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Our first cheese, Carraignamuc, is made with Raw Milk, natural rennet, sea salt and nothing else. We do not use a freeze-dried culture - we made our own starter culture. The cheese is aged for 3-5 months, developing a natural rind. It is fresh, lactic, smooth, earthy and has a good strong tang.

Our newest cheese is called Sobhriste.  It is a milled curd, pressed cheese, in the style of a Caerphilly or Lancashire.  We make it with own milk, and then we fill the vat up with the milk of a local, organic, small mixed herd.  It is also made with Raw milk, animal rennet, sea salt and our own natural starter.  It is ready from 6 weeks mature, and has a lactic, fresh flavour, with buttery notes and a crumbling texture.  We decided to make this as our next cheese as it's the kind of cheese we just love eating.  

We send out cheese on a Monday or Tuesday, meaning you will receive your cheese by the weekend.  If you'd like your cheese sent out on a different day, get in contact and we will see what we can do.

christmas boxes

All Christmas Boxes will be sent out Monday 18th December, with delivery 19th-22nd December, unless specified otherwise.  

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